The town Sitges is situated on the edge of the Mediterranean just outside one of the most exciting wine regions of Catalonia, the Penedès and only about 25 miles south of Barcelona. The protection from the Garraf Massif creates a pleasant microclimate resulting in over 300 days of sun per year.

In the Middle Ages a castle was built where the town hall is situated today and the Sitges family ruled the small district. In the 14th century, Agnes de Sitges sold the town to a Mr de Fonollar, however, the name Sitges was kept. Agricultural products, grapes and fishing have been important sources of income for the town. Towards the end of the 18th century, trade with the American colonies was firmly established.

During the dictatorship in the 20th century, Sitges became a refuge for artists, bohemians, homosexuals and others that did not fit into Franco’s Spain. The artists’ colony, still active, and the fact that Sitges is one of the most popular holiday destination for the Jet-set of Barcelona, grants for high quality restaurants and hotels. There is definitely no lack of places to entertain and amuse oneself, however, one can go here to enjoy the climate and the tranquillity by the Mediterranean too. There is a tolerant atmosphere welcoming everybody.

The city is well kept, picturesque and even though it is a popular holiday destination, has managed to keep its charm. There is a pronounced view politically in favour of protecting and maintaining the beautiful architecture and to prevent large, unsightly buildings being constructed.

Even if you would search really thoroughly, it would be difficult to find a more complete destination than Sitges. It offers you sun and beach, a wide choice of restaurants and entertainment and on top of that you have Barcelona and the wine regions Penedès and Priorat within comfortable reach.