Alicante has had visitors for as long as there has been historical references. The city was founded by the Greeks around 300 BC and since then both the Romans and the Moors have ruled this strategically important port city. Tourists have come here because of the climate and the extensive beaches as well as for the wine and good food. Alicante is situated in the region of Valencia and is the principal town along the Costa Blanca, the coast line stretching from Denia to Pilar de la Horadada. 160 miles of bays, cliffs and glistening white sand. The Alicantians speak ‘valencià’, a variety of Catalan if you ask a linguist, but considered a language of its own by the people living in the region.

The airport is small and situated just about seven miles from the city centre so hotel transfers are swift and straightforward. Alicante with its 350 000 inhabitants is the perfect city for a long weekend getaway. After just a few hours in the city you know it well enough to find your way around to get the most out of your trip. In the old city quarter, 'El Barrio', there are cosy bars next to fine restaurants and popular clubs for night owls. Alicante is not famous for its extensive nightlife but it is possible to party until eight in the morning for those with the stamina and will to do so. However, most people travel here to experience Spain’s loveliest beaches, the dramatic inland landscape, the architecture characterised by centuries of foreign rule and the food. Fish and seafood are staple and represent the sea whereas classic casseroles and hearty meat dishes represent the mountainous inland. A local speciality is paella and for the more adventurous northener, the excellent original variety with rabbit and seafood is a must. Something to tell your people back home about! The Alicantians love their fish and seafood and once in a while they will enjoy a solid steak. The statement made by people from Girona, that you will find the best beef along the Costa Brava, about 375 miles north, is frowned upon by the Alicantians. They are proud of their beef and the best meat is had from semi-wild livestock wandering about freely being allowed to reach maturity.

The wine region of Alicante has expanded a great deal in the last few years. The most important grape is the Monastrell and the red wines of the region are top-ranking as well as the fine white wines made from the Moscatell grape. The semi-sweet Fondillón is made from Monastrell grapes left to dry in the sun. It resembles the style of Madeira however, it is not as sweet. It used to be the favourite wine of the Count of Monte Cristo and in the classic novel by Alexandre Dumas the count shows his understanding of how to best indulge this wine: “…with cakes and pastries, which suits this wine so well.” Louis XIV of France kept himself alive the last few days of his life by dunking cakes in Fondillón and as legend has it he actually seemed to become a bit more perky and healthy from this extraordinary diet. 

For the culturally inclined there are several excellent museums in the city. The Alicante Museum of Contemporary Art for instance is pleasingly manageable with a few pieces of art by Spain’s most famous artists Picasso and Miró. The entrance is free and a visit makes a nice break from the bustle of the city. Another thing to add to your “must-do-list” is taking the elevator up to the Santa Barbara Castle, dating back to the 9th century and built by the Moors like a mighty lock over the city.

A popular pastime for locals and tourists alike is taking the tram that runs along the beach getting off for a swim wherever suitable. The tram travels all the way to the neighbouring city, Benidorm, and costs about 3€. A brilliant way to see the surroundings and to find your own perfect piece of paradise.     
For the golfer Alicante is perfect. There are over ten well kept golf courses within comfortable reach from the city. Many of them are regularly used during golf tournaments and some are thought of as being among the best in the world. Regardless of whether you just want to get away for the day doing an 18-hole round or if you are a committed golfer who prefers staying in a luxury resort, we cooperate with the best golf clubs and hotels.

Alicante is Spain contained in a perfectly sized city. With its excellent flight connections Alicante is spot-on for a group or business trip. Provotum is naturally represented in the city and will make sure you are well looked after and that everything runs smoothly from day one until you leave.

Welcome to our favourite city on the Costa Blanca!