Girona is in many ways the perfect travel destination. The airport is small which makes picking up your luggage in the baggage claim smooth and easy and the transfer to the city takes only 15-20 minutes.

Girona is the capitol city of the Costa Brava region, the “wild coast” stretching from the French border in the north to the Costa Maresme north of Barcelona. It is a golfer’s paradise with numerous luxury resorts, spa hotels and lovely beaches. The city, with its just over ninety thousand residents, is the perfect size for a visit.

The city is crossed by the Onyar river floating gently through the heart of the medieval city centre, the embankments lined with tiny bars and restaurants. The beautiful cathedral with its hammered silver canopied niches, framing statuettes and reliefs, is a must-see as well as a stroll in the narrow alleyways of the Old Town encircled to the north and south by the Roman city wall.

While in Girona you will eat and drink very well. The Mediterranean within close proximity will ensure a steady supply of fresh fish and seafood and the Costa Brava is famous for its excellent meat. Both the meat from the indigenous Black Iberian pig and the beef is considered the best in the world by top chefs in Europe, often making a note in the menus of the Geronian origin. The wine region of Costa Brava is called Empordà and is famous for their rich and fruity red wines.

Whatever the purpose of your trip, going golfing or wine tasting, sunbathing on the beach or meandering in the Old Town or attending a conference, Girona is a fantastic travel destination. The motto of the city is “Girona m'enamora", which translates to something like “Girona makes me in love”. It is easy to agree, Girona is an experience for all senses.

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